AV Design, Documentation, Programming & Support.
Remote Design Group offers expert audio visual design, programming, consultation & support services. With over 20 years of industry experience, we know exactly what you need, and how to do it.
Manufacturer certifications & training ensure quality and expertise.
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Remote Design Group is a Certified
Biamp Authorized Independent Programmer  Company
Remote Design Group's Founder is an 
Extron Certified Authorized Programmer
Here is an example of a design documentation package we recently completed for one of our integration customers.

Support For AV Integration Companies

AV integration requires design, estimation, drafting, control programming, audio DSP Programming, and well... you know, that's why you're here.  Remote Design Group gives you instant access to the skills you need, without the cost and burden of acquisition, training, turnover, scalability, and ever-increasing employee expenses. 

Wish you had affordable, unlimited access to Industry Leading Experts?  Poof!  Wish Granted...

Partner with Remote Design Group to ensure full continuity of service featuring rapid response times and stellar audio/video support for businesses, corporate offices, schools, venues and other commercial spaces.

Today’s audio/video and IT technologies are highly reliable, but occasionally, a system can malfunction. Fortunately, we offer flexible service options for responding to problems efficiently and effectively, including warranty and non-warranty coverage. Our A/V service and maintenance support services ensure optimum performance of commercial audiovisual equipment over time and can be custom tailored.

We recognize applications and support requirements vary in each system installation and want to make sure you have support that fits your business needs. At Remote Design Group, we offer peace of mind through our Continuity of Service (COS) plans. Whether it’s a simple service call or a system check-up before a major event, we’re here to ensure full system functionality every time.

Worldwide Support Coverage Wherever and Whenever you work, Remote Design Group can be there. We provide single-source project management and deployment of pre/on-site fabricated systems, embedded personnel, crisis and preventative services. We ensure consistent wiring, design, product and software programming at each location. Most of our clients preffer to be our "hands" but if that's not your style, or if you don't have any hands free, we can lend a hand. Our vast partnerships with architects, consultants, specialty designers, expert technicians and contract support agents means we can get hands on your system even though we are by design, remote. (Onsite technician option requires additional charges)

Service Support Plans For AV Systems

Corporate | Education | Government


9 Reasons why you should re-think your AV Management Strategy


We know your technology is important to you. We try to address issues quickly for our clients. We offer priority service for those on a maintenance plan wanting to be moved up the priority list.


Up to 4 hours per month of control system programming will be available for changes to your Control System. This includes touch panel changes, adding new equipment, new features, updates, etc. Take advantage of this huge cost savings and maximize your systems potential. Innovations in technology are evolving at a lightning quick pace, Let your system evolve with it without breaking the bank.


Your system is very complex, and maintaining and servicing it requires the accurate storage and collection of data. We can store all your system design documents, drawings, programming code, GUI files, network configurations, and asset tracking data for you in our Project Portal. Don't lose your code and get stuck with a system you can't change. Our unique Project Portal is hosted on highly secure, industry leading Amazon Cloud Servers and protected and managed by the same infrastructure that Amazon.com uses. With clients in health care, government and military, we take data security very seriously at Remote Design Group.


Our in-house service team will be available to help walk you through an issue over the phone during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 10am to 5pm). Sometimes, all it takes is a simple phone call to have you up and running again.


We will schedule a remote service technician to complete a systems check-up twice a year that includes services like network testing, firmware upgrades, functionality testing, and visit documentation for your records. (Remote Access required).



Once you subscribe to our service plan for one room, coverage for additional rooms is offered at a discount. Once we have established the Amazon Cloud Infrastructure to support you, there is no need need to it again. Unlike other companies, we don't charge you for something over and over again if we only do it once.


Our experienced technicians will be available to help walk you through an issue using secure technology to remote into your system (Remote Access required).


We handle all administrative manufacturer warranty issues for you, including return authorizations on equipment and tech support calls for troubleshooting problems.


As amazing as your system is, no technology lasts forever. The industry standard refresh time on a system is 4/6 years. With Remote Design Group's End Of Life Road Map, you receive a comprehensive report at the end of each contract year. This report will define a clear and concise road map showing you how much life is left is your system, what to expect regarding Cap/OpEx budgeting, and a feature comparison to show how how your existing system compares to current industry standards and emerging trends.


We are excited to announce that Remote Design Group
is now a certified (EQIP) Company!

REMOTE DESIGN GROUP is an Extron EQIP Qualified company.
EQIP is an Extron program designed to provide additional configuration resources to customers deploying Extron control solutions. Extron Qualified Independent Programming companies are carefully screened and selected by Extron to provide expert configuration support for Extron Control System projects. Extron customers may employ EQIP companies to augment their staff, execute projects, and provide options to configure more advanced AV systems. EQIP companies have access to a variety of Extron resources including web-based tools, continuing education, and control system training.