With hundreds of large scale projects under his belt, Our founder Caleb Gaul has the experience needed to lead and deliver multi million dollar technology integrations on time, on budget, and inside the GC's Gantt Chart. Speak with Caleb about his dedication and delivery on the Army and Air National Guard projects, or the 7 story AV integration at City Square in Worcester Mass.

Consultation for Systems Integration | Specifications Creation And Support | Vendor Recommendations | Subcontractor Management | Bid Management And Review | Drafting for Technology | Acoustic Analysis & Treatment | Drafting, BIM and VR for Technology | Onsite Project Verification | System Commissioning | Project Management | Contract Dispute & Conflict Mitigation

Adding technology to an Architecture or Construction Project?
Let our expert consultants help you define and document it.


Our expertise allows us to easily help you figure out exactly what technology and supporting infrastructure are needed to achieve your goal.


Detailed, accurate, legally binding system specifications are crucial to a successful cross sector project. Our specifications leave

no loose ends.


Let us help you with technology line diagrams, floor plans, elevations, 2D CAD & 3D BIM documentation (including J-STD 710, Electrical, SIA, etc.).


There is a lot to managing any project. Technology projects add a second layer of complexity beyond the physical layer. Let us manage your project, and help identify and mitigate risks along the way.

System & Project Documentation

Going from concept to reality requires precise and detailed communication.  We provide industry standard engineering documentation and drafting. Our 5 standard drawings are:​

  • Line Diagrams

    • Line Diagrams utilize device images, showing a to-scale front or side view of the equipment and basic conceptual connectivity.​

  • ​Plan Diagrams

    • Plan Diagrams utilize industry standard plan view icons (including J-STD 710, Electrical, SIA, etc.) so you can place the equipment on a floor plan, and everyone knows where everything goes.​

  • Elevation Diagrams​

    • ​​​​Elevation Diagrams utilize device dimensions, showing a to-scale front or side view of the equipment location.​​

  • Schematic Diagrams

    • ​Schematic Diagrams show point-to-point connections in detail so nothing is left to interpretation.

  • 3D Diagrams

    • U​sing 3D to convey equipment location such as displays, or to show camera view approximations is impressive and efficient.

Our unique approach sets us apart.

Our data-driven process provides up-to-date and detailed product information, in a format that can be utilized in a cross-functional capacity for maximum workflow efficiency. This process makes it easy to create fast, accurate, professional looking estimates and project proposals that ensure design and install labor are accounted for and helps salespeople better track all the needed parts and accessories to reduce the likelihood of errors and omissions.


Our data library contains over 1,000,000 AV, energy, IT, and security products from leading manufacturers. This database tracks over 40 fields of information such as MSRP, product descriptions, thumbnail images, dimensions, and I/Os, plus it enables you to enter and manage your pricing and estimated labor time to install.

We associate accessories and assign products to locations and systems to help you organize your projects more efficiently. You can accessorize any product to make it easier for your team to choose the right option, creating a repeatable process and eliminating errors during the estimation process.

To complement the engineering documentation, we can produce numerous other custom reports to support your project. These include warehouse, installation and management reports such as:

  • Wire Schedules

  • Wire Checklists

  • Stock Pull Lists

  • Inventory Lists

  • Wire labels 

  • Install Check Lists

  • Data Capture Forms


Give your team plans that show were everything goes, how it all connects, with proper elevations and schematics.  Give them printable cable labels, pick lists, part labels, and all the reporting you could ask for. Once your system is installed, we can provide:

  • Red Line Diagrams

  • Instruction Manuals

  • User Interface Documents

  • Service Documentation

  • Photo & Data Archival