Introducing The Most Advanced LUXURY Home Theater Design Process On The Planet.


We don't show up with a clip board, to snap a few iPhone pics...  We'll come bearing the World's Most Advanced Laser Scanning Camera, the $15,000 BLK360.

Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner

The smallest and lightest imaging laser scanner available

The Leica BLK360 captures the world around you with full-colour panoramic images overlaid on a high-accuracy point cloud. Simple to use with the single push of one button, the BLK360 is the smallest and lightest imaging laser scanner of its kind. Anyone who can operate an iPad can now capture the world around them with high resolution 3D panoramic images.


Right now you're probably thinking, "Can you come do that next Tuesday?"  And of course the answer is yes, unless we're booked...

If you're thinking "why in the F would someone need a $15,000 Star Trek Laser to design me an AV, Security, or Smart Home System?"  Here's a few of the many reasons, besides the fact that it's WICKED COOL!.


When you design in 3D it's like your onsite the whole time.  We don't look at a picture and guess what display fits in your custom designed showcase wall, we put on the VR googles and stand there trying different ideas, and when we get it just right, we invite your into your completed virtual space for a tour, before the first part is ordered.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, by those calculations our full HD virtual renderings at 60fps are 3D methodology is worth around 3.6 million words per minute.  What we're saying is, we'll all know what's going on, without having lengthy conversations about what's going where, and how will it look. You don't have time for that, and neither do we.

the plans

When it's go time, and the all the people involved from electricians to inspectors to programmers and installers will have all the detailed plans and schematics they need to pull off your project on time, on budget, and with flawless precision.  This happens because you're 3D render can be instantly transformed into all the construction documentation necessary for the project.  It's the whole drafting process streamlined into a experience that is unmatched in the industry.

the buzz

Your family and friends are gong to be interested in what's going on with your latest and craziest undertaking.  You could send them a text, or a private invite to virtual tour your new pet project.  Once the job is complete, we come back in with the laser and do a second scan of your finished space, and we leave you with not only an amazing system, but with a final true to life render of the space as it is.  Send it to your friend oversees, to show him what he's missing by flaking out on poker night.


The best part of our job is coming up with amazing ideas. You have a plan and a vision, and we know what it takes to bring it to life.  Through partnership, we'll work together to refine the perfect experience, revision after revision, until every cable, label, light, display and control panel button is exactly where you always dreamed it would be.  

Starting in Ohio where he was born, Caleb has had an amazing and exceptional career, right from the start.  His college rock band was invited to open for Foreigner before he was old enough to drink, and from then on, it just gets better. After graduating top of class at the worlds best AV school "Full Sail University" He started working at Transcontinental Studios mixing pre-tour stage practices, and setting up recording sessions. He went on to work in 4 countries and become trusted as a sound engineer by many amazing recording artists, here's a list of some of the shows he's worked...  

head down TO THE BAT CAVE!


No one wants a programmer in the bat cave for 2 weeks, trying to debug the lighting and window shades.  While extensive onsite work is require after construction is complete, we minimize the time needed by building your entire system in a lab environment, testing it until we have confidence in our development, then carefully packaging and delivering the system to site, with 99% of the bugs worked out.  Some programs for whole house control can have over 200,000 lines of code, and like any good application, video game or control system, it takes time to get a perfectly robust, reliable and redundant program when you're dealing with 100% custom development.  It's not just an iPad glued to the wall, there's a custom software program hand coded and created specifically to run your space, and only your space.


This crucial phase of the project could fill an entire website with all the details that are involved.  If we're hanging a menu board at your coffee shop that's one thing, we'll show up and get it done.. Jobs of this size and scope however, often require services from multiple vendors.  Each job is unique, but we'll layout a typical scenario.

You will work directly with our Founder, who is also Director of Engineering, an in house project manager assigned to your project, interior design, graphics, and other various experts as needed.  Now it's time to bring the idea to reality in your space.  


We coordinate all activity and transactions with service providers throughout the duration of the project, from carpentry to electrical, painting to plumbing, and the company providing the gold-plated-shark-tank-bar.  We oversee every detail personally, because every detail matters. 


Once the space is built, inspected, approved by us and then by you, the system configuration process begins.  RDG staff will begin to bring your system and the network it lives on to life.  Addressing,  Configurations, Calibrations, timing, access codes, schedules,  and programming that can't be done in the lab is taken care of onsite. 


Your approval.  This is our most anticipated moment, beta testing your new system with you.  We've worked out the glitches, but sometimes you can't nail the little details down until you really experience the live prototype, and gain feedback through the experience. This is not "here is your new car hope you like it" - It's more like "Here's your new sports car, do you like these rims, or do you wanna swap them out?  How's the steering setup working for you?" Paint job good?


Our founder, and our project manager assigned to your project will work with your preferred tradesman to develop an installation project plan, or we can recommend tradesman for you to interview and choose the ones you like.  We're just designers, inventors and programmers, we leave the most important aspect "building it" to the pros, while we guide every step in person, and onsite.


Beyond our normal contracts, bonding and insurance, we'll often do a risk assessment, have legal council draft a complete project contract for all parties, and blanket the project under a secondary layer of protection.  Your property, and our reputation is at stake, and we leave nothing to chance.


Final Testing: Our founder and project manager will spend time going through every cable, every label, and every button on every panel, to ensure that the design was fully realized, tested, and perfectly implemented according to our strict standards.


When you can think of nothing left to do but smile, shake our hand, and tell us to leave so you can play GTA5 on your new 16' TV, we call it a wrap.  But the story goes on. A month from now, when you want to change the button color and the timing of the drop down ceiling display, and the light levels for preset 2 by the bar, we're going to make it all happen, without any ridiculous change orders now that we have you hooked. Simple changes are simple, and simple is free for customers.  We'll even link up to your system through our encrypted Cyber Safe Portal, and remotely manage your firmware and software updates,  check system health, and help you throw a special slideshow up on screen for Jane's retirement party.  If you're adding some more displays, or new functionality, we provide that to you at a reduced rate for life, as a thank you for your business.


A note to our visitors...

What you've just seen is our State of The Art Design Process for luxury home theater & "smart home" solutions.  If you came here looking to spend a couple grand on a cool system in your basement, or something in between, please do not be discouraged or click away.  We can help you out no matter what your budget, even if that means just sketching a quick design concept, and sending you product suggestions for $100 bucks.  We love AV, and with today's technology prices dropping by the minute, you can deck out your home with a cool system for cheaper than you might think. Now that we're clear...


Our true niche and passion is providing state of the art, high end & luxury home theater, security, and smart home control solutions.  If you're looking to turn your house, outbuilding or getaway villa into a futuristic wonderland of integrated automation, our founder and director of engineering is the man you need to speak with.  Trusted by Federal Courts, Fortune 500, the Navy and Army National Guard, and several Police Departments, you can trust that Caleb can build you an amazing, secure, and innovative experience.

The Call...

The magic starts with 1 Call to Gaul.

Caleb Gaul | Founder, Director of Engineering

At the end of the day the only thing that truly matters is who you trust to create your system.  That's why we're taking the time to mention who we are.  Every home theater company has fancy pictures on their website, but very few can say their director of engineering has the same qualifications that ours does.

Trusted by the pros to deliver on time perfection, show after show.

Freelance Audio Engineer since 1999

US, Canada, Mexico, West Indies.

specializing in Front of House & monitor Engineering.

Artists include: Boys II Men, Mary J. Blige, Willie Nelson, Victor Wooten, George Clinton, Roger Waters, The Donnas, Faith Evans, Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan, Boyz II Men, The Donnas, Eric Benet, Crystal Method, Bone Thugs & Harmony, EPMD, Great White, Winger, Bonobo, Pretty Lights, The Wild Complete, Kiev, TV Torso, Blood Red Shoes, Sky Larkin, Younger Youth, Kenan Bell, Hesta Prynn, Vincent Minor, Obi Best, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's, Lucent L'amour, Vaud and the Villans, Street Kings DVD Release Party, Brand Nubian, And One, The Gas, Stix, Anhata Sound, Pleasuremaker, Cohen, West Indian Girl, BLVD, Souleye, Root Hub, J Boogie, Dubtronic Science, Helios Jive, Yard Dogs Road Show, Pnuma Trio, Sol Jibe, Beats Antique, Lynx, Oso, Zilla, Lucent Dossier, LMC, Cash'd Out, Palominos, Hard Felt Hearts, 29 Mules, Flatline, Which One's Pink?, The Alkaholics, Dafari.


Clients include: Entertainment News, The Oscars, Magic of Fashion (Las Vegas), Universal Studios Hollywood, L.A. Coliseum, Museum of Cultural Arts, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s The Craft and Mattel Toy Exposition.

If you're looking for solutions for a yacht, Caleb is also an accomplished sailor.  From Mexico to the Pacific Coast, to a 6 month, 1,200 mile live aboard Bahamian cruise with his family on their old restored Catalina 42, Caleb knows how to work and even live at sea, in and around the thousands of mission critical components that need to run perfectly in sync in order for your ship to function safely. We know how to integrate with your systems.  We know that a wire run that would be 12' in a house might be a 200' run through through several compartments and sealed areas, in places that are nearly inaccessible, even on the largest of vessels.  If you need someone to upgrade your AV or Security  while in port, or at sea, we're all aboard, and on deck.

Check out this awesome AV / Lighting Demo!

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