Mobile App


Mobile Application Development

Remote Design Group is unique: 

We work with you through the full application

life cycle. From business consulting, app design and development, to marketing and promotion - we've got you covered.


The way we see it, there are 4 reasons

why you should consider a mobile app:

It's Affordable

Getting a custom app built does not have to be expensive.  Our specialized software and low overhead combine for unmatched value in the industry.

Uh... Phones

81% of the US population is using smart phones, at an average of 3.5 hours each day! Look around... It's obvious people are on their phones. What's not obvious is why your business isn't.


Mobile apps allow for unprecedented engagement, and allow real time connection with customers where you can maintain the communications channel, and ultimately, the relationship.

The Red Dot

It's a rule: You have to clear the red app dots. Push notifications and mobile alerts features afford you direct, constant client communication, keeping your customer focused on your brand and offerings.


Custom Mobile Applications For Industry.

Give your teams the cutting edge tools they need to succeed.

User Interface Design

Today's users expect nothing less than a

world-class user interface. From touch panels to mobile apps and websites, we deliver

beautiful, functional control.


When it comes to designing rich visual experiences that delight the end-user, we elevate the perceived value of the product or application, and address every one of our clients' requirements. Our extensive experience in developing comprehensive front-end designs for everything from simple mobile apps, to data-intensive systems, gives us an edge few others can match. Each and every pixel is placed with a combination of forethought, intuition and experience.