Remote Design Group can help you design, document and manage your

infrastructure, giving you a clear view of you system topology.


Let's have a brief chat to go over the scope of work, and gather any relevant information and documentation.


Sit back and relax as we get to work on your design.

Our client portal keeps you up to date on progress and ensures clear communication with all parties involved.


We present the design and review it with you. This ensures the design does exactly what you want. Any needed revisions are made immediately.


Your complete design package includes a scope of work, bill of materials, including labor estimates if needed, and any diagrams necessary to convey the concept.

System & Project Documentation

Going from concept to reality requires precise and detailed communication.  We provide industry standard engineering documentation and drafting. Our 5 standard drawings are:​

  • Line Diagrams

    • Line Diagrams utilize device images, showing a to-scale front or side view of the equipment and basic conceptual connectivity.​

  • ​Plan Diagrams

    • Plan Diagrams utilize industry standard plan view icons (including J-STD 710, Electrical, SIA, etc.) so you can place the equipment on a floor plan, and everyone knows where everything goes.​

  • Elevation Diagrams​

    • ​​​​Elevation Diagrams utilize device dimensions, showing a to-scale front or side view of the equipment location.​​

  • Schematic Diagrams

    • ​Schematic Diagrams show point-to-point connections in detail so nothing is left to interpretation.

  • 3D Diagrams

    • U​sing 3D to convey equipment location such as displays, or to show camera view approximations is impressive and efficient.