Design & Management


We start with a free consultation to find out exactly what you need your website to do, and how we can achieve it affordably and professionally.


After you choose the plan that's right for you, we get to work building your site. This design process is a collaborative effort so you get exactly what you imagined, and more.


Once everything is perfect, we take care of publishing, hosting, search engine optimization, updates, and security.


Service does not stop once your site is live. We work with you to provide marketing campaigns, social integrations

and content updates. Your business grows and evolves - your website should too.

Website Management

We'll work with you to plan and implement a schedule for content updates. Your website stays current and relevant. Want to make improvements, but not sure where to start? We'll consult with you to identify options available for growth. We actively monitor your website to identify issues before they become problematic. You'll avoid costly issues and enjoy stability. We'll focus on the website so you can focus on your business!

Managed Web Hosting

Web hosting is what makes your website accessible to everyone connected to the Internet. In simple terms, it's another computer connected to the Internet that visitors connect with to view your website. Everything is taken care of behind the scenes, so you have one less thing to worry about. You won't have to deal with confusing control panel software, configurations or unhelpful support staff.

Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns

The fastest way to get additional visitors to your website is by utilizing pay-per-click advertising for your small business. Google, Facebook and Twitter all offer paid advertising platforms that can effectively draw potential customers to your website. Our strategically planned campaigns will immediately increase your sales & leads while staying cost effective.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines, like Google, are the modern day equivalent of the phone book. If your listing isn't visible, you're losing out on potential business. Listing positions can be improved using search engine optimization methods for your small business.  We'll help you boost organic traffic from search engines, which is often the best method of acquiring new customers.

Personalized Business Email

We can help you set up a personalized email address using your domain name. For example, A business email address makes a great professional impression. You can get a G-mail or Office 365 work email address for each employee. This is a great way to show customers they’re communicating with the right person. Here are some options you may want to start with: &

Financed Web Site Design With 0% Interest.

Most people know they need a website but are unsure if they need a custom website design for their small business. Each day, potential customers use the Internet to find businesses providing goods or services like yours. Without a custom website, you risk losing this business to a competitor who has a better website. We believe you shouldn't have to fork out thousands of dollars to make more business. Let us get your site up now, and you can pay for it as you go, while your revenue increases.

A Third Option For Web...

So the internet has been around for a while now and it's obvious that any worthwhile endeavor requires a professional website to be successful. Yet, despite that, there are really only 2 options for websites out there, and they are both bad options...  Either build one yourself for $30/month  or, pay someone $4,000 to build it, and then still pay $30/month, or more!

We came up with this... First, Remote Design Group is truly a 100% remote company. That means Near Zero Overhead... and that means our costs are much less than the other professional web design companies. And on top of that, Remote Design Group lets you spread the initial cost of web development into a simple, affordable and predictable monthly fee.